Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer of mine!

We have had such a WONDERFUL summer and as always I am so sad to see summer go! It started out with a trip to Palm Springs with Judd's work. It was fantastic and pretty much unbearably hot, which is why I spent my days at the pool while Judd golfed. Then the best trip of the year was our two weeks at the beach. We went with the Tolmans to Newport and then packed up our stuff at the end of that week and headed to Silverstrand to spend another with my family. We had some pretty cold days, but it doesn't matter to me the beach is the beach. Oh and I must mention Bailee was my best friend for the week. A few highlights...
1. Chocolate dipped bananas...mmm
2. Being in a swim suit for two weeks straight!
3. Cheesecake factory (even though we have one here now)
4. Shopping
5. Our amazing sand seahorse we made
6. The Red Sox game!!
7. Getting toshed around in the waves
8. Ruby's french fries (yes I love food)
9. Bocci ball
10. Being with our families!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Blog World

So I made a blog about 6 months ago and had no idea how to do anything on it, but I finally decided its time we joined the blogging world. Judd and I got married on August 27, 2009...almost a year ago!! I cannot believe how fast it has gone. The last ten months have consisted of a whole lot of work (growing up for sure) and a couple of fabulous vacations and of course spending every day with the best looking and funniest guy around. For some reason once you get married life gets twenty times busier. We really are non stop with work, school, and life...but I wouldn't have it any other way! It it simply fabulous. The first night I met Judd was playing miniature golf back in August of 08 at the one and only Dottie's, which I am still very depressed has closed. Oh, and by the way I can guarantee I beat Judd that night. We hung out a bit here and there, but the real dating didn't really begin till about January 09' and after that we figured out pretty quick we wanted to get married. Judd proposed on June 10th, the year date of returning home from his mission. I wish I had the pictures from it, but they are on Judd's broken camera. Nowadays I am working full time at a physical therapist office, and doing hair a bit on the side. Judd is a financial planner at Northwestern Mutual and loving every minute of that ( oh and school, but he doesn't love that so much). Anyways add us to your list because we are officially bloggers:)